The need for a change in todays health care system is growing, thus one can start to derive different suggestions of how to reform the system. A recent study estimates that savings that can be made through using new ways to gather- and supply data can reduce health care cost with $300-$400 billion, only in US.* Sonib aspires to be one of the actors that will lead the change for a new and more sustainable health care system. The idea is to create a mobile application that are connected to a medical device that can control health indicators such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, and body temperature. 

By letting the patients use the Sonib system they are able to constantly assure themselves that their values are under control, values that are sent directly to a designated doctor. By simplifying and intensifying the interaction between doctor and patient, the Sonib system do not only reduce health care cost. It also enable a safe- and free lifestyle for the patient.